Honey-Oatmeal Bread

Adapted from the KitchenAid mixer Recipes and Instructions.  The original recipe calls for all-purpose white flour, I changed it to add a little extra fiber.

1 cups whole wheat or oat flour
4-5 1/2 cups bread flour
1 cup quick cooking oats
2 teaspoons salt
2 packages active dry yeast
1 1/2 cup water
1/2 cup honey
1/3 cup butter
2 eggs
1 tablespoon water mixed with 1 egg for egg wash
Oatmeal for dusting top

Place 5 cups flour, oats, salt and yeast in mixer bowl. Stir to combine.

Combine water, honey and butter and heat to 120˚F. (Turn mixer on to speed 2). Slowly add water/honey mixture to dry ingredients. Add eggs, mix. Add additional flour, 1/2 cup at a time until the dough clings to the hook and cleans the bowl. If you are doing this by hand add enough dough so that it is not sticky.

Knead by hand or mixer (speed 2) for about 10 minutes.

Place in greased bowl, turning to coat, and cover with plastic wrap. Let rise in a warm place, free from draft, until doubled, about 1 hour.

Punch down, divide in half. Shape each half into a loaf and place into a greased 9x5x3″ bread pan. Cover and let rise until doubled. Brush with egg wash and and dust with additional oatmeal if desired. Bake 375˚F for 40 minutes. Cool on wire racks.

To Form Loaf:
Using a rolling pin, roll out each half to a rectangle approximately 9×14″. Roll tightly, starting at short side, into a log. Pinch seams closed and pinch ends under. Place, seam side down, in loaf pan.


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