This is my favorite food. It seemed that Mom only made gnocchi during lent, so a no-meat sauce is the only way I like to eat these. Although, some with pesto is a great thing too!

These directions are straight from mom’s mouth.

Pot of potatoes (about 2/3 of a 4 quart pot)
cook the potatoes, drain well and put back on the heat to dry off the potatoes. Mash.

Pour the potatoes out on the the counter. Add 1 egg and just enough flour to hold the mixture together. Do not mix too much.

Cut off a piece and roll it into a snake, then cut it into little sections and roll into balls.

Cook in boiling water, let rise and boil barely 1 minute more. Butter, sauce and serve.

It’s a good idea to test one or two dumplings before you add a whole batch. Sometimes they come together before there is enough flour and then they fall apart. That is very sad.


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